What to expect when ordering from SaltWaterFish.com

In my 20+ years of being in the aquarium hobby, I had never ordered fish online. Yes I had ordered equipment, but until just a couple months ago I was too skeptical about ordering fish. This article outlines my first ever online livestock order, and shares my first impressions ordering from Saltwaterfish.com

Sleeping with the fish or fishes

Sometimes we have those moments where we just don’t know which word to use. Should I say fish or fishes and what about school or shoal?

Mushrooms are my Favorite Beginner Coral

Any time I am asked, “What coral should I get first?” my immediate answer is Mushroom Coral. More specifically the Discosoma Mushroom. They are in my opinion the easiest coral to keep. They come in a huge variety of colors. They will grow and spread at a faster pace than most other coral. Best of all they are one of the most tolerant out of all corals to dirty water.

Halimeda – An algae you will want in your tank

Halimeda Algae is a decrative algae also known as the Cactus Algae & Money Plant. Though technically it is an algae its shape and growth patterns make it both visually appealing and a beneficial nutrient extractor for your saltwater tank.

Yellow Clown Goby

Yellow Clown Goby are excellent fish for any salt water fish keeper. They are typically reasonable in prices and are a good hearty fish once past the initial acclimation and quarantining process. These fish show tons of personality and do not tend to be shy fish once they are comfortable in their tank. This makes them a great addition to most tanks.