5 Gallon Aquarium Setup and Best Kit Reviews

Small 5 gallon aquariums are great for an office desk, table, or even kids room. They are great if you are limited on space or just getting started with the hobby of underwater pets. In this article I will go over the key items you will need to setup a 5 gallon aquarium and will also review a few popular 5 Gallon Aquarium Kits that combine several of the essentials into one package making it easy to get started.

The Ultimate Guide to Protein Skimmers

When you first get into saltwater aquariums a term that is sure to come up very early when deciding what equipment you need is “Protein Skimmer.” If you are like me and just about every other aquarium owner I have talked to there are going to be a hand full of questions you will likely have. In this article I aim to answer those questions so you can have a happy and healthy tank.

Why you should Quarantine

If there is one piece of advice I can give above the rest it is to use a quarantine tank. Let me tell you a sad story.

Water Condition Testing For a Saltwater Tank

When starting any reef tank, testing your water conditions are beyond important. Also, it is a really, REALLY good idea to make sure that you test these levels fairly regularly. No, not once in a while, I mean all the time. I typically test my water levels at least once a week. When we were in the beginning and really cycling the tank, we tested it several times a week.

Is it Reef Safe

When you jump into saltwater tanks there is a million dollar question: “Do I want an all fish tank, or do I want a reef tank?” Reef tanks offer some BEAUTIFUL corals, anemones, clams, etc. “All fish” tanks offer the super exotic fish that don’t necessarily play well with corals and invertebrates or each other in some instances.